Monday, November 29, 2010

National Air and Space Museum

Back in DC, we convinced Noor to branch out a bit and after a short trip to say hello to her dinosaur friends, we headed across the Mall to check out the National Air and Space Museum.  This used to be my favorite museum when I was young because of the freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, which they still sell in the gift shop! The sales man said that lots of adults come in with their kids looking for it.  Now that is a product that stands the test of time!

Noor's main question was "how do you poop in a space suit," so we spent some time wandering around trying to find the answer: vacuum hoses!

She enjoyed walking through the space station and the older airplanes, but her favorite thing (aside from the freeze-dried ice cream) was touching a small piece of rock from the moon.  There is a new (to me) hands-on education room that was very engaging and which we plan on returning to in a few weeks to spend more time.

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