Friday, December 10, 2010

Tyrannosaurus Cast and Bakugan Case: Living Math and Quintessential Unschooling

Last night, Noor got a do-it-yourself plaster dinosaur kit. She measured the powdered plaster and water, mixed it up and poured it into the casts (just like the do in museums, where it is very rare these days to have real bones on display).

This morning Noor began painting and reassembling the Tyrannosaurus skeleton

She has a new book, "Uncover T-Rex" (thanks, Uncle Jeff and Krissy!) that offers a 3-dimensional look at the various systems of Tyrannosaurus' anatomy.  She went and got the book and decided that her plaster cast was lacking; she wanted it to show musculature and joints too.  The following photos show the progression of her work on the skeleton--I took photos and helped find some gauze when asked, the rest was all Noor.  

When I asked if I could take some photos for the blog, she said, "sure, but make sure that people can see Sponge Bob in the background." So here's a long shot with the TV.  You'll have to trust us that Sponge Bob is on.

While Noor was waiting for the gauze/muscle to dry, she decided that she needed a new Bakugan case.  First, she sorted them out according to their powers and then figured out how many more spots she needed to house them by family.  I suggested she could empty out the paint case, which is when I had my ah-ha moment.

Last spring, Pearl Arts in Philly went out of business.  Michael and spent about $100 on at least $400 worth of art supplies.  One of the prize-finds was this box of acrylic paints

Ever since we brought it home, it has been a point of contention between me and Noor.  She likes to use the paints not just for painting on paper, wood or canvas, but for all kinds of dying and toy modifications.  I've provided food coloring, and other less expensive paint products for her, but she always wants the paints from this case.  As I was helping her clean it out for to use as a Bakugan case, I realized how wonderful the case is--that of course, anything inside it seems magical and super special (not just expensive).  I should have taken the paints out first thing and just given her the case--duh!  

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