Friday, January 21, 2011

More Living Math

This was part of our conversation before falling asleep last night:

N: When will my dad be home?
B: In about an hour.

Some time passes.....

N: Now how much longer until my dad comes home?
B: About 40 minutes.
N: That's 10 minutes 4 times.


N: That's more than half an hour. That's more than an iCarly show. There are two iCarlys in an hour, but the show is shorter than 30 minutes.  30 minutes is half an hour, right?
B: Yes. An hour is 60 minutes.....
N: 30 is half of 60 becuase 3 is half of 6
B: Right.  iCarly is shorter than a half hour when we watch it on YouTube because the commericals are missing. Commercials take up a lot of time.
N: Now when will my dad be home?

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