Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plutonium, Marduk and Yin & Yang

Conversations have been taking a wild turn lately.  Last night, we moved from Marduk, the Babylonian God who according to some legends killed a dragon that was threatening to wipe out the human species.  From there, Noor asked why we couldn't buy Plutonium in a store and how close its molecules were to each other. Talk of war, weapons, and The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, lead to the question, "Is that why people make bombs out of gasoline and soda cans?"

"You mean Molotov cocktails,? Where did you hear about those," I asked, as I mentally ran down the list of movies we've recently watched.

"You told me about them, remember? The last time we were in Israel," Noor reminded me.

Perhaps that conversation brought about the newest sculpture: Yin and Yang.  "The "Light" is the good side and the "Dark" is the bad side, but neither is really winning," explains Noor.

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