Friday, March 4, 2011

Open Connections January-February 2011

From Mollie and the gang in Wed's Open Program:

         Here are some of the activities we enjoyed with your young people this February. We hope they enjoyed them too.

         Group Time - Many of us shared our OC or homemade creations at Group Time. We describe what we've created, then the group asks questions and give lots of positive comments.

           The Writing Center was very busy with young people creating books, drawings, cards and letters for one another.

           We honed our balancing skills on the Harmon Rail and scaled it up with by adding bean bags to our heads and  to the backs of our outstretched hands. 

           Our Science area offerings have centered around many Rube Goldberg activities. Some created Marble Mazes, Seesaws, Cotton Ball Catapolts, and had fun with gravity, using penny's and other materials. One highlight was setting up the Mouse Trap Game. 

           Books we have read includeThe Paper Boy,Edward and the Pirates and Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.  

 Clay Work- We built bowls, plates, creatures and more. We experimented with using molds. After they were fired, we glazed or painted them. 

           Hand Work included lacing with Hemp and sewing fabrics together to create pillows. One youth created a collage out of fabric pieces and adhered them to a piece of foamboard. 

           Experimented with Dry Ice mixed with water and dish soap. 

           Cuisenaire Rods- Mike helps out in the OP and works on a building project with youth, while creating an estimation challenge for all to enjoy.  

           Snap Circuits were explored by youth with lots of problem solving and help from each other. 

           Outdoors- Lots of "slip sliding away" and plenty of sledding. When it was too icy for sleds, we slid on our bottoms and we went just as fast! (well, almost as fast) 

           The ropes course was fun even in snow boots. So bundled up, we bounced when we fell! 

           We look forward to Spring at OC and our upcoming Oceanography Unit in the Science area.

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