Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noor's Art Show

A few months ago, Noor was invited to show her art at a local coffee shop/art gallery.  Around the same time, she had become increasingly aware of the existence of homeless people in our community, especially that there are homeless children.  When we'd stop to give the homeless man on the side of the road a few dollars, Noor was always upset that we couldn't give more.  When she saw a homeless couple with pictures of their children, she asked how she could make money to help.

After much conversation, Noor decided she would sell prints of her drawings to raise money.  Her objective was to give money to children so they could buy toys. I spoke to the director of the Community Youth and Women's Alliance Gateway Shelter and she suggested that Noor use whatever money she earned to buy Toys R Us gift cards, that way, the kids would be able to buy whatever they wanted.

The art show was a lot of fun.  Noor gave interviews, talked to folks about her drawings and played mad games of hide and seek with her friends.  She raised $200, which she used to buy 10 $20 gift cards. We also collected clothing and diapers for the shelter. The most challenging aspect was going through hundreds of drawings and choosing 25, but luckily, Grandma Penny, Poppa and Shama were there to help.

Giving an interview to the Chadds Ford local Paper

Telling the story 

Roman brought her roses

Proud grandparents

Taking a break from being a serious artist

Meeting Cecilia, the director of the Gateway Shelter

Cecilia's lovely thank-you letter to Noor

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