Saturday, June 18, 2011

Herbal First Aid

Michael and Noor went to the first class in a series of Herbal Medicine workshops our friend and fellow unschooler April Couburn is putting on through the summer and early fall.  They learned about the healing benefits of local plants like Chickweed, which Noor chewed up into a pulp and placed on her infected mosquito bite, which healed almost instantly

Next they made a burn spray with Aloe and Lavender.  Bella and Noor helped each other with their mixes.

The two old friends were very happy to spend some time together.  Bella's mom Lisa took this beautiful photo

We're all very excited for the rest of the workshops!


  1. Oh, lovely. I'm happy to hear about using the chickweed!

  2. When Noor went to the Dr. for her physical, she told her about the wonders of Chickweed. The look on the Dr's face was awesome!

    Noor hasn't stopped talking about the workshop. I think it was one of the highlights of her summer. What a wonderful gift you are to our community; Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.