Saturday, June 11, 2011

Math, Measurements, States of Matter, Yummy Gummy Candy and TICKS!

Noor has been eyeing the Smithsonian Gummy Bug Lab kit for months and decided to spend her allowance on it this week (Thank you Michael's Craft Store for the 50% off coupon!).

She mixed up the ingredients, according to the instructions and also added some of our vegetable food colorings to make the colors brighter and mix colors that weren't included in the set.

We talked about gelatin and how it activates a change in matter from liquid to solid.

Noor put the gummy candies in the fridge because the cold would speed up the hardening process and then she noticed she had a tick climbing on her leg.  Luckily, it hadn't attached yet.  She removed the tick and put him in alcohol, where it took 7.5 minutes for him to die.  We identified our species as a male dog tick, which thankfully isn't a Lyme carrier. The smaller tick in the photo is one we took off of Oliver. It is a female nymph deer tick, which is the main carrier of Lyme in our neck of the woods.  Yuck.

Update:  Threw the candy away; it tasted disgusting and smelled even worse. We talked about advertising and marketing, how this was the second Smithsonian science kit that had lousy results; photos on box looked completely different than product. (Boo, Smithsonian.) Noor decided not to return it because the heavy-duty plastic bug mold that came with the kit will be good to have for other projects.

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