Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blood Volume in various mammals

Human Adult         Human Child             Cat

Some time ago, Noor asked how much blood a cat has in it's body, because she wanted to discern how realistic some of the Warrior Cat battle scenes are.  We looked it up and learned that a 9 lb cat has approximately 1/2 pint of blood (8 ounces).

We were just talking about that again, because I told some folks that Noor learned this information due, in large part, to my willingness to let her watch gory videos, which piqued her interest in anatomy. I just asked Noor if she remembered what she had learned, and she did. Thinking about it, she said she was curious how that amount compares to the human body.  We found a few different answers, but the range for an adult body is 7-10 pints, and 5 pints for a 5 year-old child.

We talked a bit about volume too, and how the shape of the container effects our perception.

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