Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salt & Sugar Crystals and other things close up

A few nights ago Michael and Noor made rock candy. Here's a photo from today (three days later). They used some natural food coloring, which is why the color is so dark.

This is what the crystals look like up-close:

Here's a magnified view of the raw, organic sugar they used:

By heating the water and making a solution, the molecules bound together creating the chain of crystals in the first photo.

We also looked at Himalayan salt, or halite (rock salt): 

and epsom salts under the scope:

Since the microscope was out, Noor pulled out some of her recent insect specimens to look at as well:

A piece of a Swallow Tail's wing she found on the ground

A bee's head:

a stink bug:

looking at a dead moth, we were surprised to see this creature (as yet, still unidentified).  Noor thinks it is laying eggs, because it was doing a lot of tail wriggling

the head of the same moth:

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