Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anatomy, Plate Tectonics, Walking Stick and Thank-You Notes

It's been a wild week here on the top of the hill. On Sunday, Noor's birthday party was relocated to the indoor swimming pool at the hotel grandma was staying at, due to torrential storms. On Tuesday, Noor's birthday, we were treated to a rare 5.8 earthquake, and now we're awaiting hurricane Irene.

The kids didn't get to go fishing, they got to be fish instead!

Noor got this cool human body puzzle

And she finally found a walking stick

Halfway done writing thank-you notes

After the earthquake, we looked at lots of diagrams of the Earth's plates and talked about the different kind of plate boundaries.  To illustrate what happens when two plates collide and/or shift, we used a pan of pudding covered in crumbled cookies to model the flexibility of the Earth's mantle and crust:

Noor used two spatulas to replicate moving is hard to see, but the pudding (mantle) made the crust shift causing "mountains" and valleys"

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