Saturday, August 13, 2011

Capillary Action

We've recently been enjoying the book, "The Case of the Graveyard Ghost, and Other Super Scientific Cases". It is a great story about two sleuthing science kids, which also has some exciting corresponding experiments. (Stay tuned for hardboiled egg launches through PVC pipe and optical illusions based on "Pepper's Ghost").

One of the experiments is an illustration of capillary action in plants: how water travels up from the roots, to the stem(s) to nourish all the parts of the plant.

I remember doing this with white carnations as a kid, and being fully impressed with the results.

We used celery and one of the white Roses of Sharon growing in our yard. We immersed the bottom of the stalks/stem in colored water and observed the results.
5 minutes

30 minutes

3 hours

look at the capillaries

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