Saturday, August 6, 2011

Praying Mantis Habitat and Gut-Loading Crickets

Our menagerie keeps growing!  Noor found a praying mantis last week, and since it seems that they are easy to keep, we're giving it a go.

Do you see him?

We're pretty sure it is a male, given his size and Noor's attempt to count the abdominal sections, of which she thinks there are eight (a female would have six or seven).  She hasn't decided which species it is yet.

Noor has spent time every day catching bugs for him to eat, but we decided that a trip to the pet store to buy crickets would also be a good idea.  We learned that crickets, straight from a pet store, are lacking in nutrients, so we're feeding them to increase their nutritional density.

It is amazing how much lettuce they eat, and how quickly they eat it! 

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