Tuesday, December 27, 2011


While we're enjoying the hustle and bustle of our new business endeavor, we're also looking forward to life slowing down a bit soon! In the meantime, another whirlwind post that highlights a few of the interesting things that Noor has been learning about.

It was messy and fun and we learned about the Sapodilla tree that grows in the rain forests of Central America.  The kit came with chicle, the sap from the Sapodilla.

We heated/melted the sap and then mixed in corn syrup, powdered sugar and flavoring and then Noor kneaded and pulled, kneaded and pulled

We added a new family member to our clan


We adopted our sweet boy, an 18-month-old Great Pyrenees (mix?) from the La Mancha Animal rescue, which led to a brief introduction to Don Quixote (great retelling by James Baldwin for kids), and also a lot of interesting and heart-breaking scientific exploration.

Aslan limped when we adopted him, and he also had a very infected incision and scrotum from being neutered. The woman at La Mancha thought his limp was due to the swelling, but we took him to our vet anyway to have him checked out.

A stool exam found Coccidia, an intestinal parasite similar to Giardia in humans.
This is what Noor saw when she looked at the sample under the microscope

Aslan was sent home with an additional two weeks of antibiotics and a stronger anti-worming medication. Once those two issues were dealt with, we brought him back in for X-rays.

Our veterinarian thinks that he was likely hit by a car about six months ago. The bone had healed, for the most part, and is now encased in muscle mass. He doesn't appear to be in pain, although he probably experiences soreness after a lot of running.  During the visit, we learned about Wolff's Law, which states that, "bone grows in response to the forces that are placed upon it. After injury to bone, placing specific stress in specific directions to the bone can help it remodel and become normal healthy bone again."

On delicious math fronts, Noor got a 9-ounce gummy bear for Christmas, and she's going to see how much she eats every day

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