Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abscessed infection, blood samples, geometry and High Tea

Our kitty Oliver wasn't doing well last week.  He seemed to be limping and sore one evening. The next morning, we found a large swollen lump on his side, above his hindquarters and called our veterinarian.  Poor guy had an abscessed puncture wound, likely from our other cat, now know as Victor the Shiv.

We LOVE our vet, Dr. Jim because not only is he a wonderful doctor, he is also super excited to explain what he's doing and what's going on with our pets and lets Noor help as much as possible during the exam.

He needed to cut an "X" over the access on Olie and drain the fluid that had gathered there, then he inserted a sterile tool to explore the pocket of infection.  While I was a bit queasy, Noor was enthralled.

We left with a two-week supply of antibiotics and instructions on how to keep the wound open and draining. Dr. Jim also suggested that Noor make some slides of the bloody pus that would continue draining from Olie's wound, which she was very excited to do.

Oliver's blood looks like the Earth, Noor thinks

During the week we also had fun challenging our brains with Architecto

And then on Saturday morning, our dear Alaskan-Israeli friends came through town on their way back to AK. We took the two oldest girls to high tea at the Hotel DuPont, which is not only elegant, but also boasts a wonderful collection of works from Brandywine artists like the N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth and Howard Pyle.

It is hard to see in the photo, but even with all those lovely cupcakes, Noor was most excited about the watercress tea sandwiches!

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