Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun with apps, or how a kid with T1D geeks on life-improving technology

Noor's new Dexcom continuous glucose monitor was a huge disappointment, because the alarms were so much quieter than the old unit; they sounded like they were coming fr
om underneath a pile of blankets, even when sitting out on a table. I called the company to trouble shoot and they sent a new unit (overnight!).

Noor thought the new unit not only sounded much louder, but also vibrated stronger. We couldn't figure out how to test it, accurately but a good friend came to the rescue by suggesting we try an earthquake sensor (which lots of folks use for the super loud alarms to pick up on their CGM vibrating in the middle of the night). It worked! We downloaded a decibel reader too.

New Dex is 10 decibels louder than old Dex

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