Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's been fun!

Our lives have been a whirling-twirling dance the past year. We moved to Alaska (no more homeschooling requirements!), but continue to travel a lot and spend months-at-a-time with family back in PA.

I'm working full-ish time teaching college classes and Noor continues to do the things she loves (and not go to school): animation, Minecrafting, hiking, insect-collecting, sculpting, cuddling. Our days are full! Too full, at this point, for me to maintain this blog.

Thanks for joining us here! I'll leave the blog up for folks who need some help figuring out how to unschool in a regulation-heavy state, with an added note, that I would likely do things very differently if I had to document again. Email me for details, but suffice to say, I wouldn't be nearly as dedicated to doing things the way "they" expect things to look, this time around. No subject-designations, unless absolutely required, for example. Learning just doesn't happen that way :)

~Brie (& Noor)